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Usui Ryoho Shiki

Reiki is a Complementary / Applied Behavioural Therapy​

Reiki Healing treatments provide an opportunity for you to totally relax, de stress, rebalance & recharge in a caring and safe environment.

Reiki also helps the body to reach an inner state of harmony on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually.

 As well as helping many physical ailments, it can also help in changing negative mental habits, turning these into more positive thought patterns enabling you to deal with difficult situations or people more easily.

 Reiki energy is gentle to receive, yet a powerful form of healing and the benefits can be felt immediately on all levels.

It has grown in popularity over the last few years and is practiced by many holistic practitioners. It has become far more widely recognised by conventional doctors and consultants, and many hospitals are allowing Reiki practitioners to work alongside doctors to help their patients.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese natural Energy healing system that is non-invasive involving a light laying on of hands & being very gentle, is suitable for anyone from babies onwards. It is a Complementary Therapy & can be used alongside your conventional medicine, it is not a replacement & you must not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.

As a Professional Reiki Practitioner, I will take a full Medical History on your Initial Visit, which I will discuss with you at that time. We are not licenced to practice medicine & are not allowed to diagnose ailments, any diagnosis must be made by your GP.

 I can treat you by asking you to lie on a couch, or sit in a chair if this is too uncomfortable for you. You never remove your clothes, you will only be asked to remove your coat & your shoes to have your treatment.


The Flat, Red House Farm,

Grubbins Lane, Speen,

Princes Risborough

Tel: 01494 488130

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Mail: beryl@speen.me.uk

Available Treatments

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for Animals

Horses, dogs, cats.

Chakra balancing -Sound Therapy with Chakra Balancing Forks

Om Mani Padme Hum - Original Extended Version.wmv

This beautiful Buddist Chant is one of the most uplifting & relaxing you may ever hear.

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