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Libby's progress update

Well it's been a very long 15 months! We've had ups and downs, trying to boost Libby's immune system,  get on top of the sinusitis and PPID,  but at this Christmas time and coming into the New Year of 2018, I can truly say that she's doing really well now. She's now on 1 1/2 Prascend tablets a day which seems to be the right dose for now! She's had masses of Reiki from both myself and a  Reiki Master friend, Libby needed lots of Reiki! She also had various herby things to support both her gut health and sinuses. Her coat is a beautiful,  normal, healthy, silky winter coat this year & that's after shedding out her huge PPID coat of last winter which was about 2 5/8" long! This year, its about

Yule, Christmas a time of reflection

Feeling much better after standing under the trees in the woods and giving Reiki to Libby and Ebony. There's something very calming about looking up through the bare branches and just watching the movement of the trees. Such lovely energy. 🌲🌳🍂🍃 This is time of reflection and rest, be kind to yourself and take time out if you need to. Nameste 🙏

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