Keeping Horses on A Track System

The Horse Track System Paddock Paradise - whatever you wish to call it. When you have a horse, pony with Laminitis, Cushings, EMS, IR etc, the old fashioned methods of treatment & keeping them shut up once they have recovered from the acute stage is just outdated & doesn't help them to recover to the best of their ability. I think this short grass verses long grass stuff is very misleading; it's the amount they eat in my experience that makes the difference. i went to a vet lecture with an Expert in laminitis & she said turn them out at night - no, it's way too long so they eat way too much. Muzzles, i hate, they cause much stress & now apparently they cause damage to the teeth. Up till the winter before last, i'd kept my two on a small bar night paddock with T\O during the afternoons. They are now permanently on the track; there is some grass on it now, but they still have their soaked hay & so far, they are weller than they've ever been. It's very interesting watching them pick a few mouthfuls of grass then move on, as they should do, not stand & gorge in one place. My vet was very impressed with the track & the girls & the fact that you don't need masses of special stuff to set up a track, just elec fence, thats it. I was surprised that she only seemed to know one other person that does it though!!! We just need to keep spreading the word that the track system is the way forward for metabolic conditions & preferably for as many horses as possible.

Sadly, one of my mares now has PPID & has been very unwell, but is now thankfully making a good recovery. Quite honestly, if i didn't have the Track System in place, she would have been dead by now, but instead, now the Prascend is working it's magic, she's galloping down for her hay & even bucking & bouncing about - Fabulous!!!

My other mare, who is a WHW rescue pony who i got as a companion, has also always been an Insulin Resistant pony, but at 20 years old, looks the best she's ever been!

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