Libby's progress recovering from PPID

Libby became very ill last October (2016), she had Laminitis which turned out to be the worst she's ever had. At that time, I thought I was dealing with just Laminitis as she first had it before her 5th Birthday & although I've managed to keep it at bay a great deal, sometimes, it just gets away from you & there it is again. We'd gone 5 years Laminitis free & then 4 years & now this! It was devastating, she was in so much pain, but there hadn't been the usual warning signs; there were no raised pulses, so she was gradually getting more pain & more damage being done before she really showed that she was in so much pain.

This presented by her being very slow to come in & then having very rapid, shallow breathing, then it dawned on me it was her feet!

Things got a lot worse however; she suddenly got very hairy ears & fat pads above her eyes, her coat grew very long & grew in different directions, but worse, was that she lost all her muscle, her belly sagged into the PPID pot belly because the muscles that support the internal organs have gone!

Anyway, she’s been on 1 Prascend tablet since January, this helped her sinus infection to a degree, but in July, the grass has flushed on the track & even though her blood test showed her ACTH level was just under the cut off, she was a few days later on the verge of Laminitis again!!!

I increased the Prascend to 1 ¼ tablets, started her on Airway Plus to help with the sinusitis.

I have been giving her Reiki Treatments since she first became ill & this has helped her enormously, she can’t get enough of it.

It’s been a very tough 9 months trying to get her through this as she had so many symptoms & I managed to injure my knee right at the start!

I’ve been connected to her practically all of that time sending her Reiki, so got very tired & then Greg, a very kind friend offered to send her some as well; he said the amount she drew was phenomenal, she didn’t stop for 2 days! Bless her, she knows what she needs!

The best news is, we’ve warded off the Laminitis, and her sinusitis is so very much better than it has been for months, & last night she came galloping up for her tea!!!

So, we have a Very happy mummy, Libby & Ebby. :D

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