Good Friday Reiki Healing

Reiki - all of us together, wonderful. Libby put her poll in my hand, so one hand on her poll & the other on her brow, her head went down to the floor, then her legs buckled sideways bless her & she almost went down.

Ebby also trusted me & put her poll in my hands, then let me have my hands each side of her TMJ's, she stood absolutely still, as did Libby. It was soft, gentle beautiful energy & Libby was so well away, I could hear her almost falling off her feet as I was with Ebby. Afterwards, I sat in my chair outside the shelter with them to receive my Reiki, we were in that quiet energy for around 2 hours; what better than that on Good Friday!

Ebby has great difficulty in letting go & relaxing, but she really did today, it was so good to see that,

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